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Maybe you have a burning question (or two!) you would like to ask a fertility expert?

Fertility Associates is a NZ fertility clinic that has been operating for over 20 years and has assisted in the conception of over 10,000 babies in New Zealand. There are lots of professionals with expertise in fertility who work at Fertility Associates…
  • Fertility Doctors - A fertility doctor has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of diagnosing and treating fertility issues. Most fertility doctors are specialists who are trained obstetricians and gynaecologists, and some are general practitioners (GPs) with extra training in reproductive medicine.
  • Fertility Nurses - A fertility nurse has a special interest and expertise in coordinating the care of women and men who are undergoing fertility treatment.
  • Embryologists - Embryologists are scientists. They can offer specialist advice about sperm, eggs and embryos and coordinate some aspects of treatment for patients and donors. They look after embryos in the laboratory where they are conceived and spend their first few days developing. Embryologists use very high tech equipment in their work.
  • Fertility Counsellors - A fertility counsellor knows a lot about the emotional impacts of living with fertility issues and undergoing fertility treatment. They provide wise counsel and guidance to heterosexual and gay couples, single women, donors and surrogates on what to expect, ways to cope and long term considerations.

So, you’d like to ask us a question? First up a few guidelines…
  • Each month we’ll select the most frequently asked questions and get our fertility experts to provide the answers. Then we’ll post the question and the answer in our FAQs section for everyone to read.
  • Although we will acknowledge receipt of each question, we don’t provide personal responses to your questions.
  • If your question is posted on the website, we will not use your name or any other indentifying information. Only your first initial will be used.

That’s about it – go right ahead and ask a question!


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